The Land of Spirituality

To get a better understanding of what Pandu Pokhar is, Imagine an Eco Adventure Resort with an amusement park in a natural environment. It is located at Rajgir – a place sacred to Buddhism and Jainism. It is believed that Lord Buddha spent many months of retreat, meditating and preaching at Rajgir. Lord Mahavira also spent fourteen years of his life at Rajgir and Nalanda.


The Old Capital

RAJGIR- the ancient capital of the MAGADHA kings was then called “RAJGRIHA” meaning “the home of royalty. Rajgir also had its presence during the Ramayana era where it was known by the name of “VASUMATI”.The epic MAHABHARATA calls it “GIRIVRAJ”, the capital city of king JARASANDH who is said to have been split into two halves by BHEEM, the second son of KING PANDU, in a wrestling combat between them. RAJGIR enjoyed the status of a capital city during the reign of king BIMBISARA also who was one of the most powerful king of north India then.

Paradise For All

Breathtaking landscapes and fun-filled activities makes PANDU POKHAR Eco Adventure Resort – a paradise for all. From beautiful gardens to an open air theatre, to a pond overlooking 37 feet tall bronze statue of King Pandu to a herbal maze – we are a place to enjoy and admire nature. A park with a unique combination of resort and entertainment activities makes it an apt place for corporate events, school excursions, family and other social gatherings. Truly, a beautiful  destination for a perfect vacation.

Spend A Perfect Day

Experience the goodness of nature with fun. Starting with adventurous Zipline and Zorbing, the park is filled with fun rides, games and pleasure gardens. At dusk, the display of colourful fountains in the pond enhances the beauty of the park. Evening walks in the serenity of the park allows nature’s peace to flow in, soothing the soul and mind.

Unwind In Nature

There’s a 37 feet tall bronze statue of King Pandu and a meditation zone with a composed statue of Lord Buddha under a Peepal tree for those who are interested in learning and going in a different time and space that’s not so very easy to get in this technological age. Live the experience of complete relaxation as PANDU POKHAR Eco Adventure Resort is a place which is an amalgamation of nature and history to de-stress and quiet the mind. So, if your appreciation for history and nature yearns to grow like us, then, we hope you’ll visit PANDU POKHAR Eco Adventure Resort soon.