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A leisure attraction and a delightful place for everyone with so much to see and experience. Talk about a wellness centre to relax after an exhausting day with replicas of Lord Buddha or take a stroll in lush rose garden, a fern garden and a herbal garden.The beautiful landscape sets the mood for fun for children with a play area comprising fun rides and relaxation for the adults with a tea house, restaurants that sell tasty traditional treats along with shops that sell local handicrafts. Get ready for a unique experience preserved in tradition.

What People Say

  • Pandu PokharDivine……… Nature at its best,,,,,,,,,lovely landscape… good place to hang around with friends and children…amazing joy rides.. -Rahul K

    Pandu Pokhar
  • One of the best tourist spot ! When i reached to Pandu Pokhar, It was the best spot in rajgir to pass the whole day . We enjoyed here a lot -Sameer

    One of the best tourist spot
  • Best place to chill ! Awesome place to unwind and relax with family …beautiful landscape and fun place for kids to have a amazing weekend . Truly recommended…-Sweta

    Best place to chill
  • Amazing Experience! We had a wonderful time at the Pandu Pokhar. Great family fun and fab work out activities too. Amazing value for money. Fantastic place!! Pandu Pokhar is the best place to take your family!Something for everyone! Overall,we all had a good time. -Radhika

    Amazing Experience
  • New experience! This trip was very exciting with lots of adventure. I just loved all. Great for all age groups. Fun!Food!Fantasy! Nothing like it that has ever been seen in Bihar before.-Sonam

    New experience!
  • Adventurous Trip ! It was really fun while visiting Pandu Pokhar. The scenic beauty of the park was mesmerizing. The best part was the activity area with games like Burma bridge, zip line etc. I  had never seen some of the games present at the park in Bihar. All the best Pandu Pokhar! -Abhijit C

    Adventurous Trip

The Heritage

Spread out in an area of 22 acres Pandu Pokhar at Rajgir is a truly wonderful and ancient magnificent example of great Indian history that dates back to the Mahabharata. It extracts the story of how King Pandu, the father of the Pandavas attacked Rajgriha and converted the place into a horse stable. It is said that when he left this place, a swale was created and later rain water accumulated in the swale and that’s how the historical Pandu Pokhar came into being. It’s a heritage that speaks of the glorious history of natural wealth.